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Boarding Rates

Under 30 lbs $30.00/day
Under 100 lbs $35.00/day
Prices subject to change. Call to confirm rates. Over 100 lbs or special requirements $40.00/day

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is your kennel climate-controlled?

  Yes.  Every dog has a climate controlled, private 

   in door and outdoor area.

 Should I bring my own dog food?

  That is up to you.  If your dog is on a special diet, we

  can feed the food you supply. 

 Will you administer my dogs medication?

  Yes.  If supplied, we can administer medication.

 Can I bring my dogs bedding and toys?

  Your dog may enjoy blankets and toys from home,

  but we cannot be responsible for lost or damage


 I have 2 or more dogs.  Can they stay together?

  Yes.  We have large kennels for multiple dogs.

 Are vaccinations required?

  Yes.  Rabies, DHLP and Bordatella must be current. 

  Bordatella must be current within the last six months.

 Can I have my dog walked?

  Yes, for a small charge.

 Do you board aggressive dogs?

  Yes.  We rarely refuse a dog as long as all other

  conditions are met.


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